A study finds that exercising is healthy.

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If you have been following the government and pharmaceutical-led narrative over the last few years it might not have been clear that a healthy lifestyle is a good idea.

Instead, over and above, a healthy lifestyle the following have been promoted as methods to reduce the risk of illness:

  • Masks
  • Experimental vaccinations
  • And social isolation
  • Closure of schools
  • Shutting of businesses

Perhaps this study from South Africa with 65,000 participants confirming exercising is a good idea will make a dent in the challenge we now have of reclaiming health for ourselves 1 person at a time.

“A new study has found that moderate levels of physical activity in adults can protect against severe outcomes from COVID-19, such as hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and death. “

“What we found is that even if you’re active for only 60 minutes per week, that’s still enough to infer a protective benefit against severe outcomes of COVID-19,”

The study looked at the health outcomes of over 65,000 patients from March 2020 to June 2021.

PS: I have been hearing good things about our natural immune system too!

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