Benefits of Exercise at Work

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Find out the benefits of exercise at work and how it can help avoid back pain, knee pain and more!

This Blog is predominately aimed at those of you who work at a desk, maybe at home or in an office.

Benefits of Exercise at Work

Musculoskeletal disorders (like back pain, knee issues and wrist conditions) are the leading cause of absence from work.

Weekend Warriors…

The average working day is 7.5 hours long, with employees taking minimal breaks away from technology to walk, let alone exercise more intensely.

This can lead to sedentary habits forming that result in more laziness at weekends, or in great disparity a spike in activity at weekends.

What we informally know as “weekend warriors” in Physio land.

Both of these can lead to pain, injury and frustration. So, ultimately the benefits of regular exercise at work are essential.

Naturally, patients tell me that they know they should be more active during work hours but they are too busy.

Here are a few of my solutions for them, to help get them moving without skipping work.

How to Get Moving without skipping work!

1) Walk and Talk. Have a meeting on the go! We are incredibly fortunate in Cirencester to have access to the Bathhurst Estate, why not go for a walk during the meeting and use a Dictaphone for notes, or even take your laptop!

2) Headset. I’m always surprised when I walk around big office spaces doing corporate Physio, just how many people don’t use handsets. These allow you to get up, walk around, even do some squats or lunges while being part of a conference call.

Headset, benefits of exercise at work

3) Standing desk. This one is simple, yet highly effective. There is no such thing as bad posture but it is bad to stay in the same position without moving. Ditch the seat!

4) Set up an exercise class at work. It won’t just be you struggling at work to fit in exercise, others will also empathise. Why not speak to HR or even lead an exercise class. You could even hire a Physiotherapist, pilates teacher or Personal Trainer to run a class for you weekly.

5) Reminders. I know how focussed we all get doing a task and won’t get up until it’s done. But setting regular reminders to get up and move will result in you coming back to your work with a fresh set of eyes! Reminders can be on your phone, or with a work buddy to do a lap of the building and have a quick break.

Thanks for reading…

Kate Markland

Clinic Founder

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