Guest Blog – Wendy Nicholls Elite Athlete & Team GB Runner

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My experiences as a runner…

For as long as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed running. Even at primary school, I was always challenging the boys to races during playtime…they never beat me!

So, why do I run?

Because I can & it’s free, it makes me feel alive, I’ve made many friends, and I’ve raced all over the UK & overseas…but, I mostly do it because I’m good at it & gives me a purpose in life.

I joined my first athletics club at the tender age of 11 and have been competing ever since. However, I didn’t reach my peak until my late thirties when I achieved my 72:48 half marathon PB, which ranked me 7th UK fastest female in 2007.

I achieved this with the help of a coach who developed a structured training plan, which more than doubled my weekly mileage. I soon reaped the rewards & quickly progressed from being a decent club runner to an international within 6 months. 

My competitive running background includes representing team GB at three consecutive World Road Running Championships. I was also a member of the British Ekiden Marathon Relay squad on two occasions, and a member of the GB elite endurance squad.

After injury and the birth of my second child, I switched to multi-sport & won the 2014 British Age-Group Duathlon Championships.

I was a GB age-grouper at the 2013 World Triathlon Champs in London & in the 2015 European Duathlon Champs. I achieved my best result as an age-grouper by winning a silver medal in the World Duathlon Championships in 2016.

I’m soon approaching my 50th year… Has my love for running dwindled? Hell, no! I may be slower but I’m as keen & competitive as ever!

I understand what it takes to succeed in my sport and I have achieved all my results whilst holding down a full-time job & being a busy mother of two – it proves that you do not have to be a professional athlete to achieve great goals!


Team GB runner

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