Horse Riding Accident & Injury!

Horse Riding Accident

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Every now and then, we like to congratulate and commend some of our patients on their hard work and dedication. From a Horse Riding Accident & injury to getting back in the saddle!

This patient is the perfect example of an individual’s ability to overcome adversity.

Let me take you through the patients 10-year journey from Horse Riding Accident and Injury to getting back in the saddle!

What happened?

The patient was out Horse Riding when they were thrown from the horse resulting in extensive fractures of their C5, T8-9, T12-L1 and L5.

The Injuries

Damage to the spinal cord at the C5 vertebra can affect the vocal cords, biceps, and deltoid muscles in the upper arms. Unlike some of the higher cervical injuries, a patient with a C5 spinal cord injury will likely be able to breathe and speak on their own.

The higher the injury on the spinal cord, the more dysfunction can occur. The patient fractured the T8-9 which primarily protects and encases the spinal cord. Injuries to T12 and L1 vertebra damage the lumbar cord. L5 damage can cause numbness, pain, and pins and needles running down the length of the leg.

The patient’s injuries caused widespread damage and irritation. This caused a loss of sensation and control in her right leg, stopping her from riding.

Initial Rehab

Prior to coming to the Markland Clinic, the patient had 10 years of extensive rehab. This was to regain and improve control of her leg including hydrotherapy, pain management classes, personal training and much more.

But their overriding goal was to get back on a horse!

Getting back in the Saddle

The patient got in touch with us at the Markland Clinic and explained what had happened and her goal to ride a horse again.

We were more than happy to help and determined to help the patient achieve their goal of getting back in the saddle after 10 years.

The patient was a dream to work with… They displayed the perfect mix of persistence, motivation and patience.

They utilised all the advice and treatment at the clinic.

We were able to take each area of pain and discomfort and supply an effective management system.

This allowed the patient to build an amazing sense of independence and self-confidence. Essential for a condition that is liable to fluctuations in presentation and severity of symptoms.

The treatment journey was difficult at times. They persevered to get back to doing what they loved best, Horse Riding.

The treatment plan gave them the confidence to get back in the saddle for the first time in years and thrive again!

Going forward…

Our job at the Markland Clinic is to continue providing the care and support on the patient’s journey, no matter what happens.

There will be ups and downs but we’ll be here to make sure they can always get back on a horse!

What can we learn from this patient?

A lesson we can take from this patient is…

No matter how low we are pushed, Will Power and Mental Strength in rehabilitation can achieve amazing results and outcomes.

Which I can categorically say this patient possesses in truckloads!

Thanks for reading…

Kate Markland

Clinic Founder

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