New Technology for Workplace Wellbeing

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Workplace Wellbeing is extremely important and technology is helping to make it even easier!

Below I have a look at some of the new Workplace Wellbeing Developments.

Sit to Stand Desks

Sit-to-stand desks are an advancement in technology that aid physical health, they are height adjustable which help to promote transitioning from sitting to standing.

It is recommended that you stand for about 15 minutes per hour.

Furthermore, sit-to-stand desks burn more calories. They burn around 30% more by standing compared to sitting, as well as improving posture. This can reduce neck and back pain. It can also reduce chronic pain as sitting too long causes joint stiffness, damage to nerves and body pain.

People who sit too long are at an increased risk of adverse health conditions, decreased energy levels and reduction in productivity.

Wireless Headsets

In work, wireless headsets help to increase flexibility and freedom, as it allows workers to move around the office during the day and during calls which therefore improve health and reduce stress levels.

Furthermore, using headsets has been found to lessen muscle pressure in the neck and upper back.


Another new technology that aims to aid physical health is a smartwatch.

This is because they have integrated fitness trackers which help you to count steps, distance, calories, heart rate, pulse rate as well as tracking sleep.

The sleep tracker counts how many hours of sleep you have had and whether it is interrupted. Which is beneficial as many people don’t get enough sleep each night.

Another feature of smartwatches is that they have workout reminders which makes it harder to dismiss a workout!

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