Is my pain in my brain?

Every thought that goes through our brain is responded to in our body whether joy, excitement, anticipation, anxiety, fear or anger. Everything that we feel emotionally we sense in our bodies.  And every bodily experience from our environment is sent as sensory feedback to the brain.

Yet too often we try separate the two or deny the interconnection.

Pain is experienced in the body and the brain, and the two are connected. In this guide you will learn more about the brain body connection and how to reeducate your brain and body together so you can get better and enjoy movement without pain.

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The guide will reveal to you:

  • What Psychosomatic actually means
  • The “Mystery” of pain
  • The brain-body connection
  • Why don’t need to suffer in silence
  • The Myths of Ageing
  • What is behind the phrase “use it or loose it”

Also include is a checklist to help you start the road to recovery.

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