Work & Exercise Balance

The Work Exercise Balance for Life

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Do you have the right work, exercise, life balance?

In our busy modern lives, many of us struggle to do exercise or activity regularly. Potentially due to other commitments like work or family. Or maybe because we don’t understand why we need to do exercise or know how.

So this blog is a little summary of the why, what and how much exercise we should aim to do to achieve the right work, exercise, life balance.

WHY Exercise?

Exercise has benefits on every component in our biology, from our musculoskeletal system whereby our bones can stay strong and keep lots of muscle, to our cardiovascular respiratory system; where we reduce our risks of heart disease and lung infections.

Work & Exercise Balance

Exercise also has a profound effect on our mental health and is consistently noted as being one of the key treatments for people suffering with depression, anxiety and feelings of low self-esteem.

Ultimately if exercise was a pill, every GP would be prescribing them! 

WHAT Exercise?

Research states that all adults aged 18-64 should aim to complete 150 mins (only 30 mins a day) of moderate exercise (anything that raises the heart rate slightly).

We should also be aiming to do 2 hours of strength training which can include; free weight, gym classes, pilates, yoga, CrossFit, exercise machines and more!

Exercise 30 mins a day.  Work & Exercise Balance

I often find that the strength aspect is missed in peoples routines, but this is key to preventing any sporting injuries and reducing chances of osteoarthritis and many other pathologies I see regularly.

Think of strengthening exercises like the mouth wash and flossing to brushing your teeth, just as important as my Dentist always reminds me! 

HOW to Exercise?

Cardiovascular exercise can include anything from cycling to swimming, running to skiing.

Cycling, Work & Exercise Balance

The key thing is that you can achieve the exercise activity a number of ways.

Instead of running think about football, for cycling why not join a local club?

In my experience, people are far more likely to engage and maintain regular exercise if it’s in the form of an activity.

Class, Work & Exercise Balance

For strengthening work, get a programme designed for you, we offer these within the clinic.

You could also try pilates or exercises classes!

We work with The Body Workshop in Cirencester who are Pilates experts with a state of the art set up. 

Basically, exercise is the best medicine ever discovered and in my opinion, it’s a route to being happier. Research has detailed extensively that not only will it help you live longer- it will make those years worth living!

Can one of our amazing physios help you?

If you have any aches or pains, would like a program for work or any activity or sport, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01285 654059.

Or drop us a message on any of our social media channels…

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You can book an appointment or speak to a physio here get in touch.

Let us help you to prevent, recover, re-gain your movement and be pain-free!

Why not check out our What Hurts? page. We have advice for each part of the body and free guides to help you to be pain-free – simply Click here.

Keep on moving,


Physiotherapist at The Markland Clinic

Dale Physio Markland
Dale Turner, Physio at the Markland Clinic

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